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Remember that post last week about how I was finally happy to be wrapped into fall? Well that was quickly followed by days on end of gloomy grey skies and rain. The kind of days that you never want to get out of bed where it’s cozy and warm and you can watch How I Met Your Mother marathons. A friend said there should be “rain days” akin to staying home when we get “snow days”. I fully support this idea.

Forcing myself out of bed last Friday, I went on a baking frenzy. I made a whole slew of mini apple pies which I baked in a cupcake tin. Whiskey applecaramel apple, and classic apple cutie pies were everywhere in my kitchen. Coming to my senses from my apple cinnamon haze, I thought, what the heck am I going to do with all this pie? And then I sent out this tweet:

I woke up the next morning (admittedly late since I was up late baking) and there was barely any light coming through my window. Had I woken up in the middle of the night? Nope, the gloom was on a rampage and the skies were darker than ever. “This is ridiculous,” I thought in my head, "I’m gonna make my own sunshine then."

I decided it was time play pie fairy again (which I hadn’t done on a “big” scale since last Valentine’s Day). To make things even more fun, I made a double sided sign, the one you see in the photos above. Thank you ex-teacher craft stash. The price to pay for one of these sweet pies? An obligatory photo op with pie and sign. Thankfully folks who love pie are fun people and they all said yes! I made stops from B’ville, to the Syracuse University hill, to viewing the Cardiff Giant. I even stopped at the Salt City Urban Craft Market, but thought better of bringing sticky pies into a place full of art. If you were in CNY last weekend and claimed there was nothing to do, next time try stepping foot out your front door.*wink*

After a brief reprieve of sunshine in the days following my pie fairy adventures, the skies have turned grey again…this time with threats of snow! Looks like I’ll be making more of my own sunshine in the days to come. Life is what you make of it as they say.

Thank you to Teri, Lorne, Mitch, Alyssa, Pat, Adam, Tracy, Ty (recreator of the Cardiff Giant), Derek, Amy, and little O & little A for being such great sports and letting the pie fairy have her fun!

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